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However that may be incorrect. When it freezes up, I notice it freezes from the bottom of the coil and works its way up. Thanks for any assistance - like I said, just looking for other symptoms of either suspicion to try and narrow down the problem.

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Have a great and prosperous day. Subject: The air handler is basically. We currently do not have an ac system.

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Support staff have been notified. Showing last added item.

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However, that is not the truth. The good or bad reputation is really based on the quality of the installer. My suggestion: Forget the notion that one brand is superior to another.

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The kid doing the work heard me on the phone and went out to the truck to check the price. Refrigeration technicians have the tools to diagnose how low the part is, when it needs to be changed, and can also spot other signs like oil leaking on the side of the capacitor or even partial swelling.

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Everything else were bought online from Dr. Orlando, Amazon and Chewy.

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Anybody have any solutions. Also, depending on the age and condition of the system, it may not be worth the repair. If the aluminum was damaged from abrasion like that, then you might as well have them order you a new coil, there is no real reliable way to fix the aluminum.

Issue is, the area affected is close to the actual aluminum finned section of the condenser.

1 Hour Aircon Water Leak Repair Best Reviews Orlando FL

Please post back when you determine the problem. To clarify, I believe you have a problem with the water control valve or the control circuitry relay board that operates the valve. Thanks for making it available. Thanks for the information.


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